In most region’s there is that one burger joint that stands out, everyone talks about and gets all sorts of foodie magazines and TV shows to make the jaunt to see what the hype is all about. Well in Northern New Mexico, there is such a place, well as of June was a place, The Bobcat Bite. The iconic food establishment that serves the infamous green chili cheeseburger located on the eastern edge of Santa Fe is reeling it in. Reeling it into the the heart of Santa Fe, at the our very own Garrett’s Desert Inn. Expected to open next month, the Bobcat Bite will now become the Santa Fe Bite and will ideally be located in the Garrett’s Desert Inn, within the heart of the Santa Fe plaza. Though after 12 years of undoubted success the Eckre’s have decided to take it to the next level and we are excited to have them join our property.

Not to worry, the menu will remain as famous as before and that green chili cheeseburger will most definitely remain on the menu, accompanied by the world famous flavor you’d expect. The usual steak and delicious fare you have grown to love will also remain on the menu. Stay tuned her and on Facebook to learn more about this great new addition to downtown Santa Fe, and the Garrett’s Desert Inn.