This year, there will be an authentic Native ceremony of spring corn planting held in downtown Santa Fe. It is a free event and everyone is invited to participate in this very special Native American (Tewa) ceremony.

When:  Saturday, April 13th at 3:00 p.m.

Where: at Garrett’s Desert Inn, 311 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe NM 87501.  Free parking is available at Garrett’s for the event only. Contact Pinky of Pink Lady Tours at 505-699-4147 or email her through her link at for further information.

About the Ceremony

“The corn spoke and we listened. The Spirit of the corn said it must be planted in Santa Fe for all people.” Twenty years ago, the corn spoke to Grey Antelope (T’dohn tsay) a Tewa Native from Kha P’o Oweenge (Santa Clara Pueblo).  “I  am the life of the people”, it said. Grey Antelope started to plant corn around the plaza in Santa Fe. Grey Antelope passed on from this Earth but the corn continued to speak. “Let the kernels of corn carry the voices and concerns of the people to Mother Earth as you plant. In return, Mother Earth will respond with a harvest for all people to see.” Now Grey Antelope’s brother, Cloud Mountain (Okhuwa P’ing) carries on the tradition his brother began. Everyone who attends will have an opportunity to be in harmony and connection with the corn and Mother Earth and to participate in some way.”